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Create your own DIY Light Table

Create this easy DIY light table at home or for your classroom
DIY light table

Light tables or light boxes have become more common in the educational environment. They are a wonderful way to enhance your learning experiences and sensory play activities.

Whether you are teaching at a school or in your home, adjusting our environment to the interests of the children by using innovative and unique ideas can be challenging, especially on a budget. So, we have to be more creative with our resources and what we have available to us. This article explains a very easy and simple way to create your very own light table (also known as light box)!

Here are the materials needed:

1 tall or wide plastic container (the long, flat ones that can fit under the bed work best!)

1-2 strings of twinkle lights (also known as holiday lights)

You will need a large, clear plastic container and some twinkle lights. That's it! If the lights have a large, thick cord, then you use just close the lid on the string. However, for a safer and longer lasting light table, you can drill a small hole at the bottom of your plastic container. It needs to be big enough so that your cord and plug can fit through it. After you have done that, all you have to do is spread the lights around the bottom of the container, then plug it in and put the lid on. Magic! You have your very own, simple light table!

Set it on the floor or put it on a small table for easy access.

we made our own light table
DIY light table

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